What is an IPC Replica?

 Built at GM Norwood and Los Angeles (LOS)* Van Nuys plant

Produced from 04-A to 05A

 Trim tag coded:

Paint “C “ White Convertible top “1” or  “C-1”

LOS cars are all coded L-181-A

732-Interior trim Code

Rally Sport Equipped

Super Sport Equipped

Dash (-) at the end of the last group of option codes signifying the deletion of the standard color nose stripe.

Factory painted blue pin stripes on sides of vehicle (exclusive color)

Factory Blue “Bumble Bee” Nose stripe added (exclusive color)

“Official Pace Car Decals” Could be ordered and applied at dealer or owner request.

 * We are actively  tracking and verifying exception dates against our data base to uncover, identify and discourage the creation of “fake IPC’s”.