Canadian “Show Car Account” 80055

Built at GM Norwood Ohio plant

Produced 06-C

 Trim tag coded:

“0” Paint Special White Convertible top “1” or “0-1”

732-Interior trim Code

Rally Sport Equipped( Big Block cars only! All small blocks came through as RS cars)

Super Sport Equipped

Dash (-) at the end of the last group of option codes signifying the deletion of the standard color nose stripe

0-1 396 equipped Canadian replicas had black painted rear panels - not white. 

Factory painted blue pin stripes on sides of vehicle (exclusive color)

Factory Blue “Bumble Bee” Nose stripe added. (exclusive color)

“Official Pace Car Decals” Could be ordered and applied at dealer or owner request.

The 21 Canadian #80055 “0-1” cars were “batch built” in the same run as the special A/C equipped car that was made special for race winner AJ Foyt.  All were delivered to dealers in Canada. We have been attempting to find the source of the claim the AJ’s car came out of that run. There are no official documents that qualify that statement and no GM of Canada paperwork has been found proving an air conditioned O-1 car was even ever built. At the minimum it is safe to pose the possibility that an air conditioned, power top car was pulled from stock and given to AJ in lieu of a special built car. Also there is no proof that the car was even a big block as we know no big block 1967 Camaros came with air conditioning. We are attempting to get AJ to at least confirm the engine size in hopes of finally steering this discussion in the correct direction .