As Owners And Researchers - What We Have Discovered!

This is NEW information:

0-1 Special Paint did not mean “Clear coat”.  The special color was a slightly brighter shade of white   used to paint these cars (research and independent paint tests on vehicles still with original  paint by the owners themselves have brought this to light).

0-1 396 equipped Special Purpose Vehicles that were not supplied to the festival committee actually    had black painted rear panels- not white.  Photo of a Parade car

Most 0-1 designated “Special Promotional Vehicles” had special individual modifications made  after vehicle delivery to support IMS track duties as required by the speedway.  These modifications included trailer hitches, wiring modifications to support “500 Festival” parade float towing and the mounting of cameras and recording devices.  Other cars have been noted with coiled helper rear shocks, welded  anti-sag brackets and Motorola radio equipment.   Photos of cars with modifications

Car 1             Car 2            Car 3 (notice camera on hood)

Some but not all of these cars were “code marked” on the trim tag.  These codes were found on some but not all of the “Special Promotional Vehicles” on the Fisher body trim tag.

These codes are: 050-A, 061-A, 062A, and 070-A

* We are actively  tracking and verifying exception dates against our data base to uncover, identify  and discourage the creation of “fake IPC’s”.

We can now confirm three "Actual Pace Cars" were at the race. The Actual Pace car which paced   the race #92 , another Actual Pace Car #90 which had the same Engineering Build Order #98168 as #92 and was there as a back up to #92 and was capable to pace the race as well. The third Pace Car which was also identical in appearance and options as the other two ACTUAL PACE CARS was intended to be given to the race winner but was not part of the Engineering Build Order #98168 and as such was not capable of pacing the race.

In addition to the “0-1” “Special Promotional Vehicles” Several additional Camaros were also pressed into service at the time of the race and were used and photographed (see cars in the back-ground of "Car2" above) at the Speedway in direct support the of Chevrolet Motor Division:

These include: 0-4 coded “0” Special Paint and “4” “Blue Top” convertibles  click here for blue topper

Hard top “CC” Ermine White-coupes with unbroken black nose stripes and white wall tires with hubcaps. These cars match exactly the promotional pictures is the Pacesetter ad campaign of the day! (Click here for the pacesetter ad)

But that is not all! We have determined here that there were additional 1967 Camaros used for   local and regional promotional activities, including service in Indianapolis - at the time of the race.   The key to the use of these cars lies in the production date and dealer taking delivery - these cars  are also considered potential 2nd tier support vehicles and were built in support of the Regional and National Pace Setter Promotional Campaign and we believe that several were actually used at the track in conjunction with the others which were built and promoted nationally by Chevrolet Motor Division in support of the event

We have actively sought out “giveaway” cars that were part of private corporate  promotions such as  Sprite and Sears  in Indianapolis proper during the months leading up to the race