What is a 1967 Camaro IPC Special Promotional Vehicle?

 81 Vehicles in total.

Built at GM Norwood Ohio plant

Produced from 03-C to 05-A* (found thus far)

Trim tag coded:

“0” Paint Special - White Convertible top “1” or “0-1”

732-Interior trim Code

Rally Sport Equipped (presumption)

Super Sport Equipped

Dash(-) at the end of the last group of option codes signifying the deletion of the standard color nose stripe

Factory painted blue pin stripes on sides of vehicle (IPC exclusive factory color)

Factory Blue “Bumble Bee” Nose stripe added (IPC exclusive factory color)

One set of “Official Pace Car Decals” shipped with each car. (Click here for photo of original prototype decals that were NOT used)

 These are considered 1st tier promotional support vehicles and were special built for Official Chevrolet sponsored activities surrounding the Indy 500 race in April and May of 1967.

 The most known of these vehicles is  #92 , the Actual Pace Car, which set the pace lap at the Indy 500. To see the special Chevrolet Engineering Build Order #98168 click Page 1  or  Page 2

 The remaining Special Promotional Vehicles all appeared identical in appearance and all with the same options fitted as the #92 Actual Pace Car. There were however several engine and transmission combinations, these cars served in the following capacities as following: 

v     Two back up vehicles to the actual Pace car - these were the “back up” Pace cars   (We have what we believe are the two back up Actual Pace Cars in our data base, one of these two cars in our data base is actively being researched as that possible AJ Foyt prize car that was denied by him)

v     Forty-three ”Festival cars” - These were the Indy 500 “Festival Committee cars” and were used for any Indy 500 Festival duties such as the down town parade and other associated duties.

v     Ten “Speedway Vehicles” - These were in general support of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and were used by Speedway Staff. (click here for Speedway vehicle picture)

v     Twenty-five “Brass hat” cars  - these were in general service to Chevrolet Corporate VIP’s

We have 11 cars of the total 81 , 1967 Camaro IPC Special Promotional Vehicles - 1st Tier Promotional Support Vehicles in our data base that know their actual track numbers and we have since devised a redundant system for number checking for those cars that still have their original Protecto Plate booklet. This info is privileged to prevent cloning. (click  for pictures of blue track numbers)

 # on vent window          # on rear view mirror           # on door