Even though I don't have an actual Z11 Pace car I've building one for about 7 years now. But.... it's not your run of the mill clone. You see I've always love the Z11's, since I was young. I had always wanted one but never had the money and before the Internet they weren't always easy to find. So, I built a few other cars. My first car was a 1974 Camaro Type LT with a 350, 4 speed. Next I had a V8 Monza. Then I bought an original 1979 Z-28, 350, T10 4-spd, posi. My next car was a Pro Street 57 Chevy, the other car I always wanted. Well, I started to think about the Pace Car again about 10 years ago, but I loved my Pro Street 57 and didn't want to part with it. Someone offered me a pretty good chunk of change for it so I reluctantly sold it and set out for a Z11. The problem was that I was bit hard by the Pro Street bug and really missed having one. So, I figured... why not get the best of both worlds. HMMMM.. how bout a Pro Street Z11! Now, I would never cut up a real Z11 or other valuable 69, so I set out for a reasonably priced 69 Camaro convertible. Well, I found one a few weeks later and brought it home. I was a complete Rally Green, 327, 4spd car. It was restored at some point but was showing it's age. The only original panels on the car were tail panel and the panel between the trunk and the top and maybe the  hood and trunk. So, I really didn't feel too bad about using the car for my project.