Hello from PA.!

Here are some photos of my Indy Pace Car and the other cars I currently own too. The Pace car was bought in 1985 for $2,100.00 and the Z/28 in 1982 for $4,500.00. I still own them both and enjoy driving them when the weathers nice. The Pace car was restofied in 2000 and is still not finished, with so many cars I have to spread the wealth a little for each car you know and I am just a working stiff so funds are tough to come by. The Z/28 is the original paint and is in pretty good shape for being all but 40 years old. The Z/28 car has 49,000 original miles on it and the Pace car has over 100,000 miles on it. The race car is a streetable 1963 Nova with a small block and Power glide trans and ran 9.97 ET at 133 mph at Cecil County Drag way a few weeks ago, ( 9/07 ) on gas only, no bottle fed mouse here. I have not run the Pace Car because of the convertible rule, ( cage needed to go quicker than 13.99 ET ), but I have raced the Z/28 and it ran 13.50 at 105 mph. Not too bad for a closed exhaust stock 302 with the factory vacuum secondary carb to boot! I thought I would share my story and photos with you guys because we need to see people drive these things. Its both good and bad that the cars I have are so desirable so when I was offered $60,000.00 two years ago for the Pace Car I knew I had made the right choice in not cutting it up to be a race car for me years ago. I actually bought it to drive as an everyday beater !! And I did drive it for over a year until the roof blew of while driving down a freeway. What fun that was, wide open throttle and at about 100 mph, BAM, there goes the canvas top. Scared the you know what out of me! I am 48 years young and have loved the Camaro since I was 9 years old and first saw them Drag Racing at Capitol Raceway in Crofton, MD in 1968. Well anyway, Thanks for reading the story and enjoy the cars, the photos are fine but I'll take the real thing please.