I bought this car as the original owner listed it not expecting what to get for it. He lived on a house boat, and took a deposit as he set sail the next day. As he docked, he read his emails, four of them from me, he decided to call, after a long talk. I won his charm as he decided not to sell it to the dealer that just wanted to flip it. As it turned out, the story got better as i had to pay an additional 2500 dollars for the car as that’s what he wanted to let the following go :

 Window sticker -


Sales slip

 Sales invoice

Purchase order

Insurance history up to 1984

This car was bought from the original owner.

Now for the good stuff! It has been proven that Mario didn’t take" the” pace car, he did in fact order one from a dealer near him to get it closer for him to get it home. Some of you may know that he lives in the Lebanon valley are of pa. my car was on the car carrier in booty Chevrolet, uh huh in Allentown Pa. when my original owner argues he wanted the pacer not the z-28 he went to buy( trading in a 67 Firebird four speed car ) ( also documented ) and when the dealer found out they could get another car for the one that this one was supposed to go to, he bought the car!

I have been trying to find out a way to reach Mario. if anyone knows, please contact me to confirm this story. Thank you, john Fernandes 617-293-0077