Great site! My name is Scott Payne and I am in the process of restoring a 69 Pace Car. I believe to be one of the original track/USAC cars. The car was bought from the original owner. He bought it after the race. It was complete with POP and all original components untouched. I validate all components with Chevy by the numbers book, VIN, 3:07 gear, etc, The floor was painted with orange rustolieum by him to help control the rust and the decals were gone from a topcoat of white applied way back when. The guy was in his 80's and owned a gas station. It has 80k original miles and was rusty from sitting so long. In the late 70's he bought all NOS sheet metal, emblems, etc in hopes of fixing it up to new. He even bought new carpet and a rubber trunk mat. I recently had the Good Mark installation center install all the NOS GM sheet metal, duplicating all factory welds. It also just went to the paint shop. I had found the car for my father over a decade ago and he never got around to restoring it. Recently diagnosed with illness and now 80 himself, he gave it to me and bought a finished Vette instead so he could drive it. Getting near the paint stage and the car should be done in the spring (2007) and will be rust free and about as nice of a restoration as you could hope to find on an original car. This paint guy's work has been featured in HotRod magazine numerous times. His work is laser straight and lasts. Thanks!