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  1. What is a Festive Car?
  2. What are the mandatory options?
  3. How many pace cars are there?
  4. What is my car worth?
  5. Where were the Pace cars built?
  6. Why do some have Z11 codes while others don't?

What is a Festive Car?   

Besides the two specially prepared cars used for race duty other pace car replicas were also used at Indy in May 1969. These cars were allocated to Speedway Officials (7), USAC (5), 500 Festival Committee members (43) and finally 75 to other dignitaries (press, Chevy officials ..). A limited number of these cars are known today by their VINS however no "official" list of the cars used at Indy in 1969 is known to exist.

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What are the mandatory options

There are certain items that help set the Camaro pace cars apart besides the orange stripes and Orange Hounds tooth interior

  • Rocker panels paint white instead of black
  • Normal SS stripes are replaced by the orange z/28like stripes
  • On 396 cars the back panel remain white not black
  • Orange pin striping
  • D80 Spoiler Equipment
  • Z22 Rally Sport Equipment
  • Z27 Camaro Super Sport Equipment
  • 911 Dover White Exterior Code
  • Z87 Custom Interior with Orange Hounds tooth Seats
  • ZL2 Air Induction Hood
  • ZJ7 Rally Wheels
  • Z11 Indy Sport Convertible Accents

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How many pace cars are there? 

Besides the cars mentioned in the "What is a Festival Car" section above Chevrolet it is believe and generally accepted that 3,675 replicas were built. 

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What is my car worth? 

This not a question that you will get a straight answer to. There are way to many variables the get a straight answer.  Each buyer and for that matter seller all have ideas of what they are willing to pay or sell an item for. To some originality is key others it might be documentation and the list can go on. The best place to get more guidance is to join us in the Bulletin Boards and discuss the issue. Most important remember - the car is worth what a buyer is willing to pay and that a seller is willing to accept. PERIOD.

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Where were the Pace cars built?

The actual race prepared pace cars were built at the Norwood Ohio plant. Dealer replicas were built at either the Norwood or Van Nuys plant.

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Why do some have Z11 codes while others don't?

All Norwood built pace cars contain the Z11 cowl tag coding. However the Van Nuys cars do not. This has been proven by actual build sheets containing the Z11 options code from Van Nuys built pace cars as well as original window stickers from Van Nuys.

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