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  1. What is a Festive Car?
  2. What is a J65 equipped pace car? 
  3. What options were available?
  4. How many pace cars are there?
  5. What is my car worth?
  6. Is there any special code similar to the 1969's z11?

What is a Festive Car?   

Besides the two specially prepared cars used for race duty other pace car replicas were also used at Indy in May 1969. These cars were allocated to Speedway Officials,  USAC, 500 Festival Committee members and other dignitaries (press, Chevy officials ..).

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What is a J65 equipped pace car?   

One of the rarest options offerred on the 1982 Camaro Pace cars was the 4 wheel disc brake option. If you have a 4 wheel disc brake car please contact us!

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What options were available?   

The better way to ask this question is what options were not available! All normal options available to the 1982 Z/28 could be ordered. Besides the paint scheme and the interior mostly everything else was optional. This is the reason that today you can find all sorts of differently configured pace cars - hardtops, manuals, Crossfire, carbureted, rear wiper .....

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How many pace cars are there?  

Over 6,000 Pace car replica's were built in 1982. Basically each dealer could order at least one.

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What is my car worth?   

This not a question that you will get a straight answer to. There are way to many variables the get a straight answer.  Each buyer and for that matter seller all have ideas of what they are willing to pay or sell an item for. To some originality is key others it might be documentation and the list can go on. The best place to get more guidance is to join us in the Bulletin Boards and discuss the issue. Most important remember - the car is worth what a buyer is willing to pay and that a seller is willing to accept. PERIOD.

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Is there any special code similar to the 1969's z11?    

Yes, a code of 26G on the radiator support core should have this interior code.

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Revised: 01/13/07