I've owned my '93 pace car since May of 2006.  The car used to be my Dad's.  He purchased it brand new at William Morris Chevrolet in Semi Valley, CA. (1993)  The car was tucked away and driven very little until I took ownership of it.  Since having my '93 Pace Car, I've taken it to shows and cruise nights.  I put around 200 miles per year on the vehicle. This car is in excellent shape. (Near mint condition)  It currently has 2,400 miles on it.  It is car #241 out of 645.  
    I've kept this Pace Car all original, other than adding some stainless steel dress up items under the hood. I have all of the original items and could change everything back in a matter of minutes.  I felt that the engine compartment needed to draw some more attention at shows and not let the exterior have all the glory.  As you know, these cars are a lot of fun to drive!  The Pace Car gets attention most everywhere it goes. I'm thankful for my Dad giving me the opportunity to own this car.  I do believe that he has passed down to me a part of Camaro history.     
    These pictures were taken in May, 2007 while I was living in Texas.  My car still looks exactly the same today, minus the TX. plates.  I now live in Saint Louis, MO.  The '93 Pace Car has good company in my garage parked along side my '68 SS Camaro.  I look forward to being a part of this forum and hope to take advantage of the knowledge that members have to offer.  Your fellow Camaro enthusiast,  
                                                           Chad Miller