I started out looking for a 1990 Festival Z28 Convertible in 1992. I ended up buying this 1993 Pace Car instead. It is a Festival Car #42 and it was driven by Liz Kraft. She was the new Director of the 500 Festival that year. In 1994, I went to the 500 Festival office in the Hoosier Dome (later RCA Dome) and she seemed happy to see the car again. Liz was generous enough to offer me the license plate (at last!). She always saved a license plate from a Festival car that she had driven. I later got Plate #23 from her that she had kept after giving me #42. It is also a verified 500 Festival Parade Car. I have photos showing it as the car, carrying Rick Mears, on the right of three then-retired drivers just before Jim Perkins and the 1993 500 race drivers.  

I bought it from Russ Dellen Chevy in Greenfield, IN in June of 1993 with 2,400 miles. I left instructions to leave everything in the car and not to wash it so everything could be recorded and preserved. My dad worked for the Dellen Group at the time so I only paid window sticker price for it. At the time I had a job at Dan Young Chevy (host dealer for the Pace Car Reunion) in Indianapolis as a lot guy. They had a low number car driven by Mari Hulman George but they wanted $30,000 even with the employee discount. 

I sparingly drove this Camaro as my 2nd car to about 30,000 miles. It has proven to be a good car; just the usual stuff has worn out over the years: window switches, blown speakers, worn GSC tires, broken glove box latches, a saggy headliner. It did offer my first CD player (which now eats CDs).

 I took the car with me in 1995 when I attended Wyoming Tech. However, I kept it registered in Indianapolis. In the West, the car was a little misunderstood. It got all kinds of reactions in Laramie, WY. Most people did not know what to think of the “wild” paint and interior. A lot of folks thought it was a Wyoming Highway Patrol Car due to their similar black and white painted B4-Cs. I overheard the local GM service advisor tell somebody, “Look! Someone ruined that black T-Top Z28!” 

My 1993 Camaro attended the 1996 Camaro Club event at the Brickyard. I put the car in storage in Indiana before I went back to Wyoming. I was able to move back to Indiana later in 1996. In 1997 I needed a newer daily driver so I set out to find an orange and white 1996 Brickyard Z28 and ended up buying a new 1998 SS. The 1998 became my daily driver and this was now a third or fourth car. You have probably seen this car already at many local Chevy and IMS events. Unfortunately I had to sell the 1998 SS in 2001 and since then I have learned it was totaled.   

My 1993 Camaro placed in the 1993 and 1994 Camaro Nationals in Dearborn, MI. My 93 Camaro also attended the Sunday portion of the Y2K event and the Indy 500 90th Anniversary Pace Car Reunion. My car also attended many Super Chevy events in Indy over the years and pace car gatherings at the NCM. I sometimes drive it on nice days near my home and work in Fishers, IN.

 Over the years it has been adorned with many appropriate license plates. While it was in service as a 500 Festival car: #42, 500 Festival Supporter #44, IMS Hall of Fame Plates or most recently: 93z28 (a regularly issued IN plate).

 Many thanks to the folks who have helped me document it over the years: Matt Murphy, Jim Harriston and Howard Kirchenbauer. 

Thanks! Lee Douthitt