I now live near Atlanta, but back in 1998 when I purchased the car, I lived just north of Indianapolis.  While searching for a 1993 IPC, I came upon this car in a grocery store free auto listing magazine.  I went out to the east side of Indy that night to look at it after work. To my surprise it was festival car #14.  As soon as I got home, I called Jim Hairston to confirm the car’s VIN number and festival# from his documentation.  A few days later, I started the paperwork for the purchase.  The very next weekend, I entered the car into the Central Indiana Camaro Club’s 1998 Camaro Fest and won my first trophy!


In 2001, I had the car entered in the Super Chevy Weekend event at IRP.  At that event, a person started talking to me about his '93 IPC and later found out that he had a friend who took pictures of the 1993 parade.  We exchanged numbers and he later called me with some exciting news.  Based on the numbered license plates of the cars in the parade, he was able to determine that my car was used to carry race car driver Roberto Guerrero.  He reprinted for me two photos from the negatives showing my car being used in the 1993 festival parade. Very Cool!