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1967 Owners

         This section of the site has been developed for two reasons.

v      Recognition of individual owner’s privacy because Chevrolet has failed to make public the records of these fine cars and therefore have opened a gap allowing for clones to be made with relative ease.

v      To allow owners of these cars that are not willing to discuss them in an open public atmosphere to be able to converse strictly with other actual owners

Use of the “trust “ allows these owners as a conduit to get the statistical information of their cars out for public consumption through collective data sans actual Owner Name, VINs and Trim Tag exposure. This area expands the sites ability to collect data from individuals that require a higher comfort level while still sharing. It is our hope that in accommodating individual needs we will ultimately be able to serve all Camaro Pace Car lovers with the information we all desire.

Recognizing that as hobbyists we have a core need to know all that there is to know, it is our hope that this avenue will suit the needs of everybody involved at this site.   Keep in mind that any and all information retrieved from this area that is not sensitive in nature will be forwarded to the main bulletin boards for public consumption. This area is strictly for sensitive issues and we do not expect much traffic.

Please use the navigation on the right hand side of the screen if you are an actual owner to download the application form and to get further information about the nuances (such as the medallion system is already in place and is available for each and every qualified car upon completion of the statistical questionnaire) and requirements for the section.



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