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  Welcome: This section of the website has turned out to be quite a work in progress over the last few years and we're happy to report that advancements beyond anyone’s imagination that have taken place. We have many good things to look forward to in the coming years and have since devised a plan to keep the flow of information coming through.

     The most amazing thing to come from this project is the friendships that have blossomed from the mutual interest in these cars and the shear luck along with the realization  that the overwhelming majority of owners are  “good guys “. Like anything in life it has come to our attention that you just cannot please all of the people all of the time ( and that’s OK). We have paid careful attention to what information is being conveyed and have realized that a good many of you are not comfortable talking about the specifics of your individual cars for the whole world to see. We are sensitive to that and after much debate have decided to create a spot for confirmed owners to converse about specific items relevant  to his/her own car.

     This does not come without a price however .We are sensitive to the fact that just because a person is not lucky enough to own one of these cars it should not preclude them from being able to enjoy the hobby as fully as those that do. The realities though dictate that if we are to successfully research and categorize all the possible info that can be obtained about these cars we need to accommodate reluctant owners as much as cater to those who are more comfortable with public sharing.. One school of  though not being any more or less correct mind you.

     To gain access to this section a perspective Owner/Member must fill out the application form and submit it for consideration. The form is relatively detailed and will help many of our research projects about 67 Pacers progress. Once confirmed that the applicant has in all likelihood a genuine 67 Indy 500 pace car and or related support/promo vehicle that is relevant to the long term research of the topic He/she will be awarded a medallion and access to the area. The whole process is quite simple and straight forward.

     The rules will be discussed within the confines of the  area itself but suffice to say it is assumed and recommended that the area be used strictly for the owners themselves to talk specifics about any one vehicle. At no time shall any topic that would normally be qualified for public consumption remain in the area so as to not deprive any non-owners of useful knowledge ( AKA you won’t be missing out on anything as a non participant )

 So that there is no confusion this site now consists of 3 areas for discussion

 The Main Bulletin Board, The Owners section and Administration ( site matters only + policing)

   Lastly, for legal reasons it is important to note that when an owner completes his due diligence and is accepted to the room he will receive a medallion ( see picture ) for the unused glove box drink cup circle of his car. This medallion in no way implies or infers  that the car is a genuine 1967 Chevrolet build Indy Pace car when offered for sale to the public .Whereas CamaroPaceCars.com runs and handles The Official Pacecar Registry it cannot legally confirm any single 1967 Camaro as such. We still hold out hope that the long lost Chevrolet documentation and Indy 500 Race assignment sheets will emerge but until such time we cannot accept responsibility for “ bad deals”. Any prospective buyer reading this is strongly urged to learn all the specifics that he/she can about the 1967 Camaro Pacecar BEFORE purchase. There are no guarantees


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