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    For the curious onlooker, below you will find a guide to help in the understanding of just how complex the 1967 Camaro as the Indy 500 Pace Car actually is. For decades the general public has been given what amounts to only a general overview of the cars significance and usage during the months leading up to and past the race itself. Here you will find what essentially amounts to our research and interpretation of these events and the usage each particular car had. We are, by no means, making  any declarations but merely offering a deeper and more objective look inside these cars for any enthusiast desiring to understand them at a deeper level.  The members of this site feel compelled to share their findings with the general public in hopes of finding new members & owners as well as to get other opinions and constructive  input as to the validity of our claims. We have made every effort to back out statements up with pictures, documents and owner input but strive for even better and more concrete evidence. This site is an ongoing journey into the history and restoration of these unique vehicles and the open mindedness of it’s contributors begs for other opinions and documents to help formulate solid theories and facts. Feel free to contribute as you see fit. If you'd like to know more about our research please email the Research team (email link).

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    - As Owners And Researchers - What We Have Discovered!

    - What is an IPC Replica?

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