Chevy photo with Camaro spelled CamEro. No photoshop vodoo!

Camaro post card puzzle

1967 Camaro Airport display

Dealer annoucement invite

1967 Chevy golf ball

Dealer award, Camaro promo mounted on a cigar box with a radio built in. These came with differnet promo's attached.


Yellow 67 promo

Dealership poster - cardboard

Dealership poster - cardboard


Warranty card

Uncut original keys

antenna banner

Color's for all 1967 Chevrolets

Dealership slogan license plate

Actual license plate from Camaro's used in various auto shows and promotions


1967 Dealership Assy. catalog

A proof ad for the launch of the Camaro for Life and Look magazines along with the actual ad that ran.

Color matching from proof ad

Page from dealership merchandise book

Pre-lauch teaser ad for Camaro

VERY RARE. A 1967 Camaro brochure and the original mailer.

Reduce photo of the 1967 Camaro Billboard. I will post the actual billboard shortly!

Invite for tha Camaro unvieling at a dealership


Dealer Camaro pocker knife!

Record with Camaro promo announcements

67 Camaro Dealer model selection poster

67 Communication kit

67 Communication kit

Poster from 67 Communication kit