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     These were the three main characters regarding my Pace Car.  On the left is the original owner, Mike Miller from Chattanooga. In the middle is his daughter, I think her name was Beth.  When Mikes wife got pregnant with his daughter he to trade in the car for a family vehicle, so he said she was to blame for him getting rid of the car.  The other guy on the right is Mike's Dad, who's name is on the original title.  He still lives at the address that is on the 1967 TN title.  They were all so excited to see the car.  They video taped us pushing it out of the trailer, as the battery was dead, but I gave his daughter a short ride in the car into the showroom.  We did this yesterday, the 25th, and I hope to be back in a week or so with the three of them and Mike's first wife along with Herb the original dealer, to do a group photo. I got to give Larry Christensen a lot of  the credit for this car looking like it does, he did a GREAT job restoring it like it deserved to have done

   Mike Miller and his Dad, C.E. Miller stand next to their original Camaro some 38 years after they both were in the same showroom purchasing the car, on April 29th, 1967.  They put it in his Dad's name for insurance purposes back then, as Mike was a graduating HS senior that year. (Left Photo). Me along with Mike and his Dad (Right Photo)

     Mike was so excited to sit in the car again.  It was pretty cool to see him enjoy seeing his old car again. They both gave up a dinner date to come and see the car.  Mike's Dad has everyone over to his place for dinner every Wednesday night. They told me this after they stayed at the dealership with me and the car, until their dinner was over, but they said this was worth missing dinner for.


More Documentation

Original letter from Herb to me from 1989

Original MSO

Original Title

Car in 1987

Car in 2004

Another one from 2003

Dealer emblem


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