Car details: 04A Norwood build date, C-1 paint code, L35 325 HP 396, Turbo 400 3-sp auto., 3:07 Posi-traction 12-Bolt rear, Power top, Console/gauges  

 I've been car crazy since as long as I can remember. In kindergarten we had to cut out pictures from magazines and paste them into folders. I cut out car pictures and made a little catalog with them organized by make/model. I still have it. I could name every year, make, and model of any car I saw back then. My uncles owned a Chevrolet Dealership in Indianapolis (Johnson Chevrolet) and uncle Dave used to bring really cool cars over now and then to show off, Corvettes and so forth. One day around the month of May ‘67, uncle Dave shows up in one of the actual ‘67 Camaro Pace cars with flags and everything. I still remember the yellow flags all rolled up, with clear slip covers over them. Dad took us for a short drive around the neighborhood. Mustering all the wisdom a 7 year old can, I decided right then and there, SOMEDAY I'll have to get a ’67 Camaro.  I always hoped for a RS/SS, and figured if I was really lucky I could swing a RS/SS convertible someday. Well after my Dad passed away I thought I’d use some of my inheritance to make that dream a reality. One day my buddy sent me a link to an ad out of California so I dropped the seller an e-mail.  He e-mailed me back and said if I wanted to see the car it was located what turned out to be about SIX OR SEVEN MILES UP THE ROAD I LIVE ON!!! So after just a few days of looking I found a car right up the street! I took this as a sign that all was meant to be and bought the car.

    Over all a very solid car for one that’s spent it’s entire life in the Indy area. I’ve done a lot of mechanical freshening, and cleaned up the underside a lot, but the paint and body are as I bought it. It last had body work and paint sometime in the late ‘70’s, early ‘80’s when the second owner’s Chevrolet dealership stripped off a second coat paint and the original Ermine White. It also had the Pace car graphics copied from the actual Pace car applied at that time.