The history on this car dead ends circa 1969-70. At that time David Leonhard bought this car as used from Sheboygan Chevrolet in Wisconsin ( North of Milwaukee ) and was told it was traded in by a fellow for a new Corvette. This made sense as the car already had Corvette engine components swapped onto the original block by the first owner. Upon searching the cars history years later he ended unsuccessfully at the defunct dealership.

 This car stayed in the Leonhard family between brothers and nephews until around 1977 when it was transformed into the custom car pictured here. Don Leonhard smoothed over the chrome trim and fender flared the body as was the trend in the 70’s and added to the speed parts already present. The car has 132000 +- miles total with all but a small amount put on before 1977. After the transformation the car had very little mileage put on and was stored inside.

 In April of 1999 Don Leonhard sold the car for the first time out of the Leonhard family to Ken Heebner of California as an investment. Nothing was done to the car and the car was not driven until April of 2006 when I bought the car.

  This car was brought to the all GM nationals that year to display in “ as found “ condition and has since been restored to original by myself.


1967 Indy 500 Camaro Pace Car